January 2018 Sitting Schedule

Sangha members and friends,
Following is our Sitting Schedule for January :
Sun 01/07 : Our annual Holiday Coffee Hour/Book Exchange will take place at 6:00 PM in Emerson Hall. Sangha members are encouraged to bring books on Buddhism and meditation that they no longer want. Similarly, you are welcome to take any books that others bring. Everything is free and you do not have to bring a book to claim one.Coffee and tea will be served. Additional refreshments for the group are welcomed.

Normal Sitting in Emerson Hall will be held at 7:00 PM.  Mark Aho will present a reading from Thich Nhat Hanh.
Sun 01/14:  Yoga in Preparation for Sitting will meet in Founders Hall at 6:00 PM.
Normal Sitting in Emerson Hall will be held at 7:00 PM.  Marti Early will present tonight’s reading.
Sun 01/21 :  Text Study will meet in Emerson Hall at 5:30 PM to continue discussing Maezumi Roshi’s Appreciate Your Life: The Essence of Zen Practice. The January reading assignment is Chapters 12-16, the start of Part Two “The Great Matter”. Since the November meeting had low attendance, there will also be an opportunity to discuss the prior reading assignment of Chapters 6 – 11 (the conclusion of Part One “The Essence of Zen”) if anyone has questions on the topics covered. Sangetsu Sensei will facilitate our discussion.
Normal Sitting in Emerson Hall will be held at 7:00 PM.
Sun 01/28 :  Normal Sitting in Emerson Hall will be held at 7:00 PM. As part of our Sitting tonight, a bead ceremony will be conducted to recognize those Sangha members who have recently completed the 108 practice (Sitting 1 hour a day for 108 consecutive days).
If winter weather affects our plans for Sitting, an e-mail message to the group is the primary way we communicate a cancellation.  We generally consider alterations the Church makes to its schedule and the parking situation around the Church in weighing whether to cancel Sitting.
David Ganse
The teaching of the mind ground is the basis of Zen study. The mind ground is the great awareness of being as is.
    – Fayan Wenyi
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